Bore: Free font download

Bore is a bold, all-caps display typeface, designed by me, Austin Stahl. It was inspired by some unusual mid-20th-century fabricated signage near my home in Baltimore. You can read more about the process of developing Bore on my blog.

I’ve decided to offer Bore for free, under the Creative Commons CC BY-ND 4.0 license. (In short: the font is free to use, provided that you (1) credit me and (2) don’t distribute modified versions.) 

The download includes both a desktop font (OTF) and webfonts (WOFF and WOFF2). 

Please note that I make no warranties and can provide no technical support.

If you use Bore on a project that can be viewed publicly, please consider sending me a link so I can see it in use. Thanks for checking it out, and I hope you enjoy using it! 


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Bore woodtype

Bore in wood

Letterpress enthusiasts: Bore has now been cut as a woodtype font, available from McKellier Woodtype.